My High-School Bio

Ok, set the time machine for "Way way back"...

In 1976, I began my High School "career" at Bullard-Havens Tech as a lowly Freshman. I was, literally, a 98 pound "weakling" back then. Since the Freshmen did not have their own lockers, (we had to share) I ended up being paired with a not-so-pleasant individual. As a result, I decided it was better to carry my books and things around in a briefcase. That got the attention of a good number of others... I was the nerdy kid with the briefcase. ;) It didn't help that a friend of mine started calling me "Flash" because I had one of those watches that would "Flash the time" on the red LED screen. At first, I hated that name... then I got used to it, and finally "adopted" it. I even used it as my CB handle for many years, while I lived in Bridgeport.

Sophomore year was better. I had my own locker. :) I also began a rather dramatic growth-spurt, and within 18 months, went from about 4'8" to 6'2". Yep, 18 inches in 18 months! When I started attending, I was head-and-shoulders SHORTER than most of the others. By the middle of my Junior year, I was head-and-shoulders TALLER! :) That was pretty cool. :)

I loved SHOP the best. I always enjoyed Electronics, and so that was the shop I joined. Our teachers were Mr Tuzzoli, Mr Thomas, and Mr Bonfietti was the Dept Head. Later, Mr Thomas left, and Mr Goldspinner took his place. I also joined the Student Patrol (SP) around the Sophomore or Junior year. That was an interesting experience for a number of reasons, one of which was the presentation I made to the Parent/Faculty Organization to get CB equipment for us. We used it one year to prevent a rumored rash of vandalism by having patrols on the roof, equipped with walkie-talkies! It's funny the stuff you remember almost 30 years later, huh? ;)

Some of the Bullard-Havens classmates that I would really like to get in touch with are those from the Electronics shop! Salvatore Gullotta, Meggan Laing, Annette Zenko, Pete Barnstein, Kevin Raiford. There are a few who weren't in Electronics, too, like Theodore ( Teddy ) Zawacki, and "Great" Scott Hawley. Unfortunately, none of them made it to the 30'th reunion! :(

So far, I've seen only three from Shop, Lenny Mastri and Mike Tyszka. I saw Roberto Orozco at the reunion in 2010! It would be cool to see the others, and some whose names I can't recall. It's my hope that some of you guys will stumble across this page by doing a GOOGLE search for your name. (Don't we all do that?) We are planning a 35'th reuion in 2015!

IT WORKS!!!! On 6/22/04, "Great Scott" contacted me via e-mail - he found his name, here!

I'd also like to hear from some friends at Summagraphics, especially John E. Frank! (Where are ya, J.F?) Wilson ( Willie ) Chicos, Robert ( Bob ) Black, and Angelo Moriello / Morriello. (I hope I got that name right!)

So... thanks for checking out this site! Let's make contact, and talk about "Old times"! Whattaya say? :)

Please e-mail me and let me know you found me! ;)


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