It's last broadcast was August 31'st, 2007.

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Morning Light LOGO (c)1990

Morning Light WAS a Christ-Centered MUSIC program,
heard early mornings on WFIF. Morning Light aired from March 1988 until August 31'st, 2007 featuring Inspirational, Christ-Centered music that followed different themes each day. (Note: WFIF still serves Southern CT with Christian talk.)

The host of the program during those years was
Willie Barnett.(Click for a short Bio)

THANK YOU, EVERYONE who had supported this ministry over the years! :)

Read our Statement of Faith.

Page updated: 11/21/2023

Because the prayer time was a very well-loved feature of the Morning Light radio program on WFIF from 1988 to 2007, I couldn't help but think about that as I watched the movie, War Room!! Now, imagine a radio station that would invite prayer warriors to unite in prayer, EVERY DAY, and share prayer requests on the air, with others joined together in prayer? WPHA will do this, and so much more!

Remember at the end of the movie, where Miss Clara prayed for God to UNITE the Body and raise up an ARMY of believers? That is what having the prayer time on the radio will be doing. PLEASE PRAY that God will open the doors for WPHA.

* * * FAQ * * *

(Q) - WHAT HAPPENED? Why did Morning Light go off the air?!

(A) - For economic reasons, Life-Changing Radio was forced to release a number of their staff in 2007 and I was "downsized". As a result, the Morning Light program came to a close.

You can listen to the INTERVIEW with my former Boss, HERE.

(Jon Vaught went home to be with the LORD in November of 2019. We miss him.)

You can listen to the FINAL FAREWELL program, HERE.
(This is a wonderful VICTORY program!!)

(Q) - Is THAT why Morning Light stopped taking prayer requests for its last 3 months?

(A) - Yes. I received the news of my "downsizing" on May 24'th, 2007. (I was given specific instructions to say nothing about it on the air or on this WEBsite until the very end of August.) I decided it best to go completely off the live microphone at that point, and begin using previous shows. I also pre-recorded a few new shows along the way. I figured this would "lessen the shock" of the news that the program was going completely away. It was a difficult decision, but I still believe it was the best one.

(Q) - Is Morning Light gone FOREVER?

(A) - No... but... I sincerely believe with ALL OF MY BEING, that GOD will be raising-up a new station to fill these starving airwaves of Southern New England with the CHRIST-CENTERED MUSIC we had on Morning Light! For more information about this vision, please click:WWW.WPHAFM.ORG

(Q) - Will Morning Light return to the air on WPHA?

(A) - YES!!! Not only will Morning Light return at 6am from Mon-Fri, but it will be there YEAR ROUND! No more sign-off in winter! If WPHA is an FM station, the music will be in High-Quality STEREO, and will play all day and all night long! There will be traffic updates, too!

(Q) - WHEN will this happen??

(A) - This I do not know... The timing is completely up to God.


(Q) - Where will WPHA be located?

(A) - I do not know. This is completely in the hands of the LORD. :) What I DO know is that the Fairfield and New Haven Counties of Connecticut are the area to which GOD has CALLED me to minister through radio. (This area has a great need!) When that station goes on the air, I am also believing God for the resources to do a large-scale advertising campaign to let everyone know that it is there. (I will also mention WFIF in this ad campaign as a token of my SINCERE APPRECIATION to them for all the 20 YEARS of ministry that they have allowed me to share during my employment with them!)

(Q) - What can I (my Church) do to help?

(A) - PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! There is no question that there is a TREMENDOUS NEED in Southern CT for a 24 hour Inspirational Christian MUSIC station! WPHA will be that station, and it will happen in GOD's time, and with YOUR prayers! :)

(Q) - Where can I get more information?

(A) - You can visit WWW.WPHAFM.ORG, and you can also e-mail me ( WPHA@AOL.COM ) with any questions not covered by this FAQ. (The WPHA site has more e-mail links and another FAQ.)

(Q) - Losing a job after 20 years is quite a major shock! How are you handling this, personally?

(A) - I have ABSOLUTELY NO BITTERNESS OR ANGER toward WFIF or the parent company, Life-Changing Radio. On the contrary! I know in my heart that this was a Sovereign move of GOD. With all of my heart, I sincerely PRAY that GOD will continue to BLESS Life-Changing Radio, and allow them to PROSPER! Their ministry is DESPERATELY NEEDED in this area! I consider this as a SACRIFICE of my beloved job, in order to see WFIF continue presenting to you the BEST Christian talk and teaching ministries available!

(Q) - I am very upset by this! My friends and I have discussed boycotting the station. What do you think?

(A) - PLEASE DO NOT BE ANGRY AT WFIF! PLEASE don't boycott them!! Please continue to SUPPORT the ministry programs that they carry! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY VITAL!!!

Dear Lord, forbid, but if WFIF were to go off the air, I would be ABSOLUTELY HEARTBROKEN! <:'(

GOOD NEWS!! WFIF now has an FM signal that is 24/7! Although I have no affiliation with WFIF any more, I still have an affinity for them! The new FM signal is on 101.9 and covers the Greater New Haven area.

(Q) - What are you doing, now?

(A) - I served WFIF from the summer of 1987 until August 31'st of 2007. I am no longer directly involved with WFIF, and I miss them.

In mid-November of 2007, the Lord opened a door for me to work for a small electronics company. He then closed that door in September of 2010. Basically, I was "Making Widgets" during that time. ;) (I was unemployed from Oct 2010 to Oct 2011.)

I know that the "Widget-Making" job was a Godsend, and I rejoice in that. :) Although I did like it, it was just not the same as Christian radio. For seven years, God had opened a door for me at WIHS in Middletown, to serve there (part-time) as an Assistant Engineer. I was heavily restricted to ONLY serve in that capacity, but I did so with all of my heart until I could no longer bear it. My heart longs for when I can be serving the LORD in Christian Radio, FULLY, and full-time, again! :)

(Q) - How can we best pray for you and for Morning Light?

(A) - Please continue to PRAY that God will bless WFIF! Also pray that God will continue to work in me, to prepare this vessel for HIS Service! Pray that I will be READY when God raises-up WPHA! :) Also, please be sure to bookmark this site! I will post NEWS below, when it happens! I will also update this FAQ as necessary.

(Q) - WHY wouldn't WIHS allow you on the air?

(A) - I honestly do not understand their reasoning, but it was a Management decision. It eventually led to my resignation on 9/28/18!

Morning Light NEWS:

News & Notes
** Morning Light's OPEN LETTER **

To my dear friends, listeners, and acquaintances,

Although the date of my layoff was August 31, 2007, the end of my beloved job at WFIF radio, and the end of the "Morning Light" broadcast still affect me very deeply.

I miss that wonderful ministry very much! I miss getting to the station early, praying and seeking the Lord for the day's theme for the music of the Morning Light broadcast... then signing-on at 6am, and sharing what the Lord placed upon my heart. It was always such a precious time... an hour of music that glorified Christ and drew His people, the listeners, closer to Himself!

As God always does, He blesses the vessels He uses... so He would so often bless my heart as the music flowed. In that studio, I'd be in tears many times! Yeah, I used up a few Kleenex along the way! ;)

Second, I miss the people - my coworkers, Brothers and Sisters in Christ. I am thankful to still keep in touch with some of them through Facebook. :)

Third, I miss the listeners! Precious people who CHOSE to set their radio to that station to listen! :') I encourage you to contact me on Facebook! (See link, below.)

Fourth, I miss the work, itself. Even the more "mundane" stuff like audio editing... why? Because it had Eternal significance! ("Making and fixing widgets", as I did in other jobs, payed the bills... but has almost zero spiritual fulfillment value.)

I am just as convinced NOW as I was then, that this painful change in my life was God's Divine Purpose and Will unfolding. I still don't know when or how God is going to raise-up WPHA, but I anticipate it with great JOY!

For a time, the Lord had me working for WIHS 104.9 FM in Middletown. I started there on October 17, 2011, and resigned on Sept 28, 2018. In that whole time, I was forbidden from having anything to do with being on the air. I did get to work on their equipment, though. I was serving the LORD as the Assistant Engineer at WIHS Radio. Sadly, I never was allowed to use ANY of my other gifts, abilities, and EXPERIENCE. (Music Director, and On-Air Host.) Those were the key reasons for my resignation from there. It breaks my heart that it ended that way... but I had to leave. It hurt too much to stay. (Google: employer bullying.)

I am currently working in an electronics factory, repairing expensive audio gear. It pays the bills, but it is just that. I like working with electronics, but like the "widget-making" job, above, it has ZERO spiritual fulfillment. I've been at THAT job since early 2012. I do it AS UNTO the Lord.

Prayer is sincerely requested that God would once again open a door for on-air ministry in Christian radio. I miss being in the place where God would use this unworthy vessel to bless and minister to His people, the listeners. It brought a depth of JOY and fulfillment that mere words cannot possibly explain.

To YOU, precious people, who actually care enough to read this, THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you for praying!

Yours in HIM, Willie...

(Updated 11/21/23)

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Morning Light was a listener-Supported ministry of New Life Christian Fellowship,
which is affiliated with the Assemblies of God.
Rev. M.J. Evans, Senior Pastor.

New Life Christian Fellowship is my home Church. They have nothing to do with this site, it's content, or the former radio program. They merely provided the "front office" to handle the donations, which were paid (100%) directly to WFIF, itself, for the support of the "Morning Light" radio program, while it was on the air. This entire WEBsite is a labor of love. There are no "subscribers" and I receive absolutely zero funding from or for this WEBsite. With God's provision, I pay for this WEBspace out of my own pocket. :)

Yours in Christ, Willie...
Program host (on hold), and WEBmaster of this site

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