My High-School Bio

The MAIN reason I'm putting this page here, is because I would really like to get in contact with MORE of my classmates from the "Class of '80". :) We had a 30 year REUNION on JUNE 25/26 , 2010.

You can check out a group I made on FaceBook, HERE! Join us there, now, and SIGN-UP for the *NEXT* reunion, whenever it happens! :)

Ok, set the time machine for "Way way back"...
In 1976, I began my High School "career" at Bullard-Havens Tech as a lowly Freshman. I was, literally, a 98 pound "weakling" back then. Since the Freshmen did not have their own lockers, (we had to share) I ended up being paired with a not-so-pleasant individual. As a result, I decided it was better to carry my books and things around in a briefcase. That got the attention of a good number of others... sigh... I was the nerdy kid with the briefcase. ;) It didn't help that a friend of mine started calling me "Flash" because I had one of those watches that would "Flash the time" on the red LED screen. At first, I hated that name... then I got used to it, and finally "adopted" it. I even used it as my CB handle for many years, while I lived in Bridgeport.

BUT, PLEASE DON'T CALL ME 'FLASH' anymore!! Call me Willie! Thank you! ;)

Sophomore year was better. I had my own locker. :) I also began a rather dramatic growth-spurt, and within 18 months, went from about 4'8" to 6'2". Yep, 18 inches in 18 months! When I started attending, I was head-and-shoulders SHORTER than most of the others. By the middle of my Junior year, I was head-and-shoulders TALLER! :) That was pretty cool. :)

I loved SHOP the best. I always enjoyed Electronics, and so that was the shop I joined. Our teachers were Mr Tuzzoli, Mr Thomas, and Mr Bonfietti, who was the Dept Head. Later, Mr Thomas left, and Mr Goldspinner took his place. I also joined the Student Patrol (SP) around the Sophomore or Junior year. That was an interesting experience for a number of reasons, one of which was the presentation I made to the Parent/Faculty Organization to get CB equipment for us. We used it one year to prevent a rumored rash of vandalism by having patrols on the roof, equipped with walkie-talkies! It's funny the stuff you remember almost 30 years later, huh? ;)

Some of the Bullard-Havens classmates that I would really like to get in touch with are those from the Electronics shop! Frank Gagliardi, Salvatore Gullotta, Meggan Laing, Annette Zenko, Frank Barnstein, Kevin Raiford. (They aren't on Facebook, as far as I can tell.) There are a few who weren't in Electronics, too, like Theodore ( Teddy ) Zawacki, Robert ( Bob ) Schneider, and others.

In person, I've seen only three, Roberto Orozco, Lenny Mastri and Mike Tyszka. It would be cool to see the others, and some whose names I can't recall. It's my hope that some of you guys will stumble across this page by doing a GOOGLE search for your name. (Don't we all do that?)

IT WORKED!!!! on 6/22/04, "Great Scott" contacted me via e-mail! :) How cool is THAT?!?! I've also FINALLY reconnected with "Professor", Ernie Kender, and quite a few others over on Facebook. :) Here is MY FACEBOOK PAGE. Facebook is great!

I'd also like to hear from some friends at Summagraphics, especially John E. Frank! (Where are ya, J.F?) Wilson ( Willie ) Chicos, Robert ( Bob ) Black, and Angelo Moriello / Morriello. (I hope I got that name right!) I haven't found any of you on Facebook, yet, either.

So... thanks for checking out this site! Let's make contact, and talk about "Old times"! Whattaya say? :)

Please e-mail me and let me know you found me! ;)