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Bob Moreland, KA1ZMF, became a Silent Key on 12/31/2010.
Randy Floberg, KA1UNW, became a Silent Key on 5/12/2013.
They were two of my mentors, and are deeply missed. <:'(

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HOME page
Yep, that's me, HAMMING it up! ;)

This site is designed to be BROWSER FRIENDLY!
Last MAJOR UPDATE: 11/9/2017
Small updates here and there: 6/12/21
Yeah, I don't update this site often enough... gotta do better!


I hope you enjoy this slightly offbeat little corner of the WWW! There's a LOT here... It's meant to be lighthearted, with a few serious things thrown in for good measure. You won't find any JAVAJUNK here... no scripts, no "FLASH", none of that annoying stuff.
(Except for the small "Tech Tip of the Day" window, below.)

Basically, this is a "Plain vanilla" site, designed for maximum user-friendliness. What you'll find here is useful information, practical circuits you can build, strange stuff, things to make you say, "Hmmmmm..." and hopefully something you can use.

You will also PLAINLY see that I am a GEEK. I admit it... and I am proud of it, in a good way! :)

I always welcome CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and comments. Thanks for stopping-by!

Here's a fun little factoid:

17.32Mhz is the only frequency that is equivalent to its length in Meters.


(Nickname: "Flash")
Summagraphics, 1982-1985 (Nickname "WB")
National Computer, 1986-1987
WFIF Radio, Jul 1987 - Aug 2007
West Mountain Radio, Nov 2007 - Sep 2010
WIHS Radio, Oct 2011 - Sept 2018
Krell Industries, Jan 2012 - Present
Became N1NKM as Tech Plus in Sept 1992.
Upgraded to Extra, Nov 2001
Been a Star Trek fan since the late 60's! ;)
You can see more on my FACEBOOK PAGE!

Not only am I into HAM stuff, I'm also into the Commodore 64! Here's my C64 Site!

Here's what I USED TO DO do for a living! ;)

The Amateur's Code

The Radio Amateur is

CONSIDERATE...never knowingly operates in such a way as to lessen the pleasure of others.

LOYAL...offers loyalty, encouragement and support to other amateurs, local clubs, and the American Radio Relay League, through which Amateur Radio in the United States is represented nationally and internationally.

PROGRESSIVE...with knowledge abreast of science, a well-built and efficient station and operation above reproach.

FRIENDLY...slow and patient operating when requested; friendly advice and counsel to the beginner; kindly assistance, cooperation and consideration for the interests of others. These are the hallmarks of the amateur spirit. is an avocation, never interfering with duties owed to family, job, school or community.

PATRIOTIC...station and skill always ready for service to country and community.

--The original Amateur's Code was written by Paul M. Segal, W9EEA, in 1928.

There are some great links, below! For example, if you have a great BoatAnchor that you wish you had a manual for, look in the LINKS for a great site that has almost everything you could need!

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This page contains a LOT of "BTN" & offbeat humor! :)

WHAT is "BTN" you ask? Click for the answer! ;)

= Some of my projects =

(June 2011)
* A nice little 'Part 15' AM transmitter

(Feb 2011)
* A nice little repeater TX drop delay

* 400Hz squarewave AC converter for LED C'mas lights

(DEC 2010)
* A HOMEBREW digital receiver/VFO for 75M

A nice, bright, 12VDC LED spotlight.

(NOV 2010)
A nice, bright, 120VAC LED spotlight.

(SEPT 2008)
Two-crystal low-freq. reference osc.

(JAN 2008)
DIY RigBlaster UPGRADE!!!

(OCT 2007)
Nice 2-tube, 4-stage, Regen. radio

(JULY 2007)
Homebrew ribbon mic! (Now 4 units built!)

OPTICAL ribbon mic! (Suspended for now.)

How to use a BALLOON as a MICROPHONE! (BTN!!)

(DEC 2006)
400Hz oscillator

Tiny headphone amp


(Oct 2006)
Check this out... I've converted a bunch of Hy-Gain CB boards into MUCH more useful things!

Hy-Gain projects (Ongoing?)

"Space Modulator"

Here is a photo of my 2M antenna pole.
The beam is the newest antenna, 4/18/09. Nothing new since then.
2M antenna photo

NOTE: My G5RV came down PERMANENTLY when the large trees on either corner were cut down some years back. I'm mostly off of HF for that reason. :( I can barely get a signal out with "wires on the roof", so I just use local repeaters on 2M & 440.

click for more antenna info

Pics of the shack...

Here is what I affectionately call the "Shack Stack". All of my ACTIVE radios are on this small shelf unit. "B.O.B." is the bright silver chassis on top. In this photo, it is powered-up as evidenced by the illuminated neon "HV" lamp.

It is my pride & joy project, the Bucket O' Bolts transmitter! The "On The Air" light sits on "BOB's" power transformer. Just behind "B.O.B." and out-of-sight, is my homebrew RS232-to-Icom CIV interface. (This allows my upstairs computer to control the Icom rig.) On top of that is the "cheapie stereo" speaker for the Icom. It sounds great for this purpose!

On top of the "On Air" light is the small speaker for the 2M rigs. I added an internal transformer & 1/8" jack to bring line-level audio out for sound card modes.

Below "BOB" is the 2 meter FM rig, mounted to the underside of the top shelf, on the right. To it's right is the HF SWR meter. Next to that, is the RigBlaster for the FM rig.

N1NKM's "SHACK STACK" 4/18/09

Below that is a shelf, which holds the power supply and 2M all-mode. Everything is powered via a RigRunner model 4008. (Mounted below right, on the side and out-of-sight.)

Next to the HF SWR meter is a 440Mhz amp with the RigBlaster on top. Below that is the HF antenna tuner/wattmeter, all sitting on top of the IC718.

On the bottom shelf are the homebrew audio driver unit and D-104 preamp for "BOB". Here is a schematic for that preamp.

The rx audio from the IC718 is impressive!
AM Broadcast sounds GREAT! That external speaker is great for listening to the near-BROADCAST quality audio of the AM operators as well as broadcast AM!

Yes, I admit... there's also a fair amount of junk in the picture. ;)
A lot of this has changed sine 2009, but I don't have recent pictures, yet. (Lazy!)

Closeup of the TR-3 rig
Closeup of TR-3 rig
(Yes, it really looks this good! Wanna buy it? HiHi!)
The VFO tube now has a regulated supply for its filament.
This rig is now STABLE enough for PSK! (Only about 8hz drift, TX/RX.)

Hallicrafters AM/SW radio
Hallicrafters AM/SW radio This is a portable, battery/AC powered Hallicrafters AM/SW broadcast radio. It covers about 6 to 18Mhz SW, and regular AM from 540-1600. It's included here because it's a fantastic little radio!

Click to see a few MORE PICS of the shack and 2003 HAMFEST.

Click for PSK31 TIPS!

Animated - Person typing at 'puter
This 'puter is interconnected with the "Shack Stack" across the room.

I have created a special PSK31 ELMER page!
Check it out! :)
(Note: Lots of small graphics on that page.)

N1NKM's secondary PSK31 system
Computer for PSK31

(Pic updated on 5/19/07)

This area also doubles as my music dubbing studio, where I transfer 33's and 45's (Anyone remember those???) into the computer, and then save 'em as MP3 files. The computer is one that a friend rescued from the dumpster at his workplace. It's a PIII 550Mhz. Nice little box, PERFECT for this kind of thing! It also has a decent sound card, so my MP3 dubs come out good. :) You can see the turntable to the far right. Next to the computer is a cassette deck and the mixer/preamp I use for dubbing. I can also record broadcast radio through it, but seldom do.

You can clearly see the DigiPan software running on the monitor. (Version 2.0) Here is a page with details about my homebrew audio interface INCLUDING SCHEMATIC! Now *YOU* can build one for next-to-nothing! :) Now that I have a Rigblaster, I use the upstairs computer, instead. This one is just a spare, now. Sometimes, I leave it monitoring a specific frequency for SSTV images from friends, but that's pretty rare, lately.

NOTE: I used this machine running MMSSTV connected to my 2M FM rig, to try and copy the SSTV image that was being transmitted by the "SuitSat" experiment. It actually DID pick up a ROBOT36 mode transmission at the right time!! Unfortunately, the picture was not at all discernable, and SuitSat died very shortly after that orbit, so there was no 2'nd chance for me! :( I have heard that they plan to do something similar again, so I look forward to that day!

This is what my station copied
from Suitsat on 2/4/2006 at 3:52am EST.
N1NKM's SuitSat image!
Image from SuitSat

N1NKM's not-so-messy workbench (2002)
My workbench

This is my not-too-messy bench... where my QRP (and ''BOB'')
transmitters were born... and various projects and devices are either "resurrected"
or become "organ donors" for other projects. ;) Notice the nice AM envelope on
the O'scope! :) I've had this same workbench since the 1970's. (Yeah, I'm sentimental.)
You can see the new wood work surface over the old, bowed piece!

N1NKM's VERY MESSY workbench! (2007)
My MESSY workbench

This is what it gets to look like between major projects!
(I added a small stereo there in 2006. I got it at Curbside special!)

I'm a sad case... I have this HORRIBLE habit of letting STUFF accumulate...
then I have to put it away or shove it into a box or whatever
to make room for major projects, such as my pride & joy project:
The "BOB" AM transmitter for 75M AM

N1NKM's RANT page
Just some things that bug me...

- The Wouff Hong -
Wouff Hong
It once struck terror into the hearts of LIDS, everywhere...

Whatever happened to this instrument of law and order??

I've finally finished working on my 55 watt AM transmitter! I can finally get onto 75M AM with a fairly good signal. My homebrew transmitter received a number of glowing compliments on it's inaugural transmission (1/12/2005) and continues to! The gentlemen on the freq. that evening were just that: Gentlemen. Thankfully, I'm seeing a few more of the GOOD GUYS and less of the bullies! May this trend CONTINUE! :)

97.313 Transmitter power standards: An amateur station must use the minimum transmitter power necessary to carry out the desired communications.

What in the world is with this "schoolyard bully" mentality I am hearing on the airwaves now and then? (Especially in the "AM Window") Ganging-up on others, jamming, etc? Good grief... are we adults? Then let's act like it! 'nuff said.

I also HATE contests! For me, that's instant QRT time! If there is a "CQ CONTEST! CQ CONTEST! CQ CONTEST! CQ CONTEST!" going on, my radio will either be OFF or on the WARC bands. I have never heard such INCONSIDERATE, RUDE, OBNOXIOUS people as during those infernal "Contests"! They don't care if they are QRMing your QSO, they just step right on top of you with their incessant "CQ CONTEST! CQ CONTEST! CQ CONTEST! CQ CONTEST!" garbage! ARRRRGGGHHH!!!! >:[ Talk about a perfect example of where the application of the Wouff Hong is necessary!

I need to express a brief opinion here
about SSTV that REALLY bothers me!!


Thinking about people who need application of the Wouff Hong...

I have a beautiful wife. I don't need to have this TRASH appearing on my screen!

Seriously, guys... GIVE US A BREAK! Most of this garbage I've been seeing is PG-13 and R! Does your XYL know what you're doing in that shack? What if you had a 10 year old daughter (granddaughter, neighbor kid, or neice) who walked in while one of those pictures was on the screen? I am totally disgusted by this! I don't want my family to see this garbage. All I can say, is if you want to view & share that kind of material *USE E-MAIL!* The quality is vastly superior, and you can exchange pictures to your heart's content in PRIVACY. The PUBLIC AIRWAVES are NOT the place for it! GET IT OFF THE AIR, PLEASE!

USE COMMON SENSE HERE: If the quality of pictures sent via E-mail is VASTY superior and UNRESTRICTED, then *WHY* would you want to broadcast them over SSTV? It would appear obvious that your intention is to deliberately annoy people, and CONTRIBUTE to the delinquency of minors! WHAT OTHER REASONS are there for BROADCASTING this kind of material over SSTV????

Do you people actually realize just how INAPPROPRIATE those images truly are?! After all, a major Television network was hit with some substantial FINES for airing Janet Jackson's "Wardrobe Malfunction". The images that I refer to here are far more explicit than that. If there is any doubt, why not e-mail one of them to the FCC to get THEIR opinion. I am quite sure they would agree that such material DOES NOT belong on Amateur Radio.

I am NOT alone!

(Looks like this guy is FED UP, too!)

Here are some E-mails I've received

Look me up on QRZ.COM, and send me an e-mail if you agree! There have been others, who simply didn't want to be listed, and I respect their desire for privacy. What we need to do, is POLITELY REBUKE the people who send inappropriate stuff... if they refuse, then we just have to completely ignore them, treat them like QRM, capture the images and forward them to the FCC. The FCC will deal with them, eventually. They carry a BIG Wouff Hong, and they know how to use it! (Even if it takes them a long time, they WILL eventually take action if enough complaints come in.)

Sadly, the N5HQ SSTV CAM page that I used to have here is no more! <:( The guy had to move and shut it down. I miss it, because it was a very handy propagation indicator. Oh well.

Misc. LINKS...

Do you own any BOATANCHORS that you wish you had MANUALS for?
Check out This site for BOATANCHOR MANUALS!

Here's a Christian HAM radio net, meets most nights at about 9pm, on 3905Khz!

Something to make you say, "Hmmmm..."

Like my various QRP RIGS, this page is...

ALWAYS Under Construction!

It can only get better as I keep taking more whacks at it! ;)
S-l-e-d-g-e h-a-m-m-e-r

Please visit my work page, also. MyMorningLight.ORG!



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