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Yep, that's me, HAMMING it up! ;)

Misc Pics of various stuff. :)

My Hamfest JUNQUE Table (10-12-03)
2003 Hamfest JUNQUE table
Unfortunately (for me) I only sold about 1/3 of this stuff!

My Junque table, 2006
2006 Junque table

Here's my Junque table 3 years later... as you can see, there's still some of the same JUNQUE! I get the feeling it just AIN'T gonna sell! :( Sigh. Still, even this year, I did manage get rid of another 1/3 of it!

My 2M antenna & mast

Spark Gap! :)

WHERE am I??? West Haven, CT!

The view from SPACE!

Closeup of Hallicrafters radio
Hallicrafters radio



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