Animated, waving, US Flag

God Bless America!

This is what I actually used to do for a living. :) I affectionately called this the "Big Rig"! ;)
It is WFIF radio, in Milford, CT. It is 1500Khz, 5Kw, daytime only.

N1NKM @ WFIF! WFIF's air studio.
Me in WFIF's new studio, 2002
(2005 Picture)

QRO!! ;)

Me in WFIF's OLD studio, 1987
(1987 picture, old studio)

God had blessed me with this position since the summer of 1987 until Aug 31'st of 2007!
The station's slogan is "Life-Changing Radio", and it REALLY IS! That is not just a slogan, it's the TRUTH. :)
Because this station broadcasts teachings from God's Word, the Bible, people's lives are changed!
I was also the Chief Engineer since the mid 90's, as well as an on-air host.

From Nov 2007 until Sept 2010, I worked for WEST MOUNTAIN RADIO (Yes, the RIGBLASTER folks!)
They were bought by CCS in Wisconsin at that time.
I served them as technical consultant for about a year, while seeking full-time work.
I worked as the Assistant Engineer for WIHS from Oct 2011 until Sept 2018. I wasn't allowed to go on the air. :'(

I've worked for Krell Industries since Jan 2012 to now, fixing expensive audio amplifiers.
(Last update: June 12, 2021)