Lovingly preserved! :)

What you are about to read are the preserved posts from The Holodeck BBS, which ran from approx. early-1992 through September of 1994. (From approx 1990-1992, it was known as "The Fellowship Hall" but that was harrassed into retirement, later "resurrected" as "The Holodeck".) It all ran on a Commodore 64 with a 40meg CMD hard drive, and several floppy drives. "Commodore" is a trademark of SOMEBODY!!*
*(It has changed hands quite often, and now is a dead link.)

It ran the "C*Base" software, which at the time, was one of THE BEST BBS software programs available. I have long ago forgotten how much I paid for it, but it was worth the investment. In their heyday, Commie BBS'es were very BUSY and filled with some great people. As you will see in the discussions below, and in the other topics, some of them were very in-depth. Some were just plain SILLY! :)

The NUMBER of users reflected below is actually only a very small sample. The reason is that these posts all date to only the last few months of the system, when there were very few users. (That was why I was preparing to take the system down. You will see a few references to this coming event as you read along. It truly broke my heart to have to do it.)

Such were the days of the dial-up BBS... they soared very high for a few years, then came crashing down VERY quickly as more and more people made the transition to PC's, leaving the beloved Commodore systems behind. Now, there are not very many people involved with the Commodore, but there are a few, and they are dedicated fans. :) It is in light of this, that I present the following to the world.

Please forgive the lack of graphics, as it was just not possible for me to emulate them adequately and uniformly with ASCII. I did my best to emulate the Commodore COLORS as accurately as possible, and I must say, I am pleased with the result. :) You will see just how COLORFUL (literally) Commie boards were!

What you see here has been converted from the unique 1-byte Commodore "PETSCII" codes into modern HTML by a BASIC program that I wrote specifically for the purpose. There are no "reverse" characters (that I am aware of) so a LOT of the "fancy signatures" that you see are barely vague shadows of themselves. It was such a different time... people took time to "spruce-up" their "signatures" with colors and graphics. Some of them even used cursor-control codes to make their signature "move". When you were running at only 1200 baud, this kind of thing was fairly easy, and often quite eye-catching. :) You could watch the cursor "dance" as it drew and re-drew the animations, byte-by-byte.

First, the "Graffiti Wall"

--- "Graffiti Wall" --->

There were 15 Sub-Boards in "The Holodeck" BBS
Here are some LINKS to those Sub-Boards...

--- SUB 1 --->
"Ten Forward"

--- SUB 2 --->
"Ask Wyreball"

--- SUB 3 --->
"Other Vessels (BBS'es)"

--- SUB 4 --->

--- SUB 5 --->
"GOD & Family"

--- SUB 6 --->
"TV/Movie & Sci-Fi"

--- SUB 7 --->
"Ham Radio (Open)"

--- SUB 8 --->
"Christians Only"

--- SUB 9 --->
"Worm Holes"

--- SUB 10 --->
"Hams ONLY"

--- SUB 11 --->
"Politics & Corruption"

--- SUB 12 --->
"No! I won't let Summer go!"

--- SUB 13 --->
"The Officer's Lounge"

--- SUB 14 --->
"Computer Stuph!"

--- SUB 15 --->
"Ham Radio - Non Technical"

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